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10/10/2012 Viva Le Pink @ St Pancras Church Crypt

SubjectViva Le Pink @ St Pancras Church Crypt
DateCreated10/12/2012 4:05:00 PM

A gig with a difference tonight. Well it's not a gig strictly speaking, and it's certainly not in a conventional music venue either! After getting off the train at Euston I walk over the road to St Pancras Church. Underneath in the crypt things are rather more lively than you would expect in such a place.

The actual event is more of an art and fashion exhibition called Dare To Wear running until 4th November, and it was certainly worth having a look round in these rather unusual surroundings.

It's free to get in - which makes a nice change in London these days. There is entertainment provided as well - including an acoustic (sort of) set from Kiria. 

Kiria is now re-inventing herself and moving away from her pop/punk persona - she is now heading in the direction of rockabilly. I've got to say I think this suits her well. There is also a new band to go with the new image, although there is no drummer tonight.

Unfortunately there is only enough time for Kiria and the boys to play three songs, but they go over well with the very mixed crowd. The final song is the best: 'Queen Of Jack' from the new Viva Le Pink EP.

Unfortunately it's all over too quickly, then it's off to the pub to help a mate celebrate his birthday - a fun Wednesday night out all in all.

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