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29/12/2005 Dead Monroe @ the Hope & Anchor

SubjectDead Monroe @ the Hope & Anchor
DateCreated12/30/2005 3:59:00 PM
PostedDate12/29/2005 3:29:00 PM

Went to see the ex-Bookoo boys play another gig in Islington. Missed the first couple of bands 'cos I was upstairs drinking with DM, but caught the next one - a good and fairly rocking indie type band who's name escapes me - two of them looked like they should be in Keane, but fortunately they didn't sound as dull.
It was good to see Dead Monroe play to a fairly full venue - which they deserve to all the time. The sound was a bit shite, but there was nothing the band could do about that. The band threw themselves into it and turned in their normal excellent performance. Although they were treated to some terrific songs, the other bands fans didn't respond that much. Maybe if the band had played their best known song 'Beep Beep' instead of finishing with a T-Rex cover?  They have more than enough strong songs of their own and really don't need any covers in a half hour set. Still, it was a good night. 

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