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9/2/2006 JOANovARC @ Chicken Shed Theatre bar

SubjectJOANovARC @ Chicken Shed Theatre bar
PostedDate2/9/2006 6:33:00 AM

I was really pleased to find one of my favourite bands were playing locally, and at a new (to me anyway) venue. I was very curious to see how the bar at theChicken Shed Theatre would be as a venue for a full on ROCK band.  As it turned out it was rather an odd gig for JOANovARC The bar venue seemed to have changed completely since I dropped in there a couple of times for a drink a few years ago - the rather good real ales have gone and the bar itself has moved. The room is quite large, as is the stage - although the stage is so low it's not really worthy of the name.  The room is filled with tables and chairs - more suited to a 'chicken-in-a-basket' cabaret show than a rock venue - you aren't going to get anyone dancing here. To be honest £6 is a bit steep to see a couple of unknown bands locally when I can often see 4 bands in Camden or Islington for less and in more suitable surroundings.

However, in spite of the venue not being that suitable - I am still very pleased to see a top class rock band in a venue only a few minutes walk from home. JOANovARC are a very professional band who always rise to the challenge of playing a show in tricky conditions and although the sound mix left a little to be desired they turned in a good performance - this is a band who play every gig as if they are headlining at Wembley Stadium!  I had managed to get a few friends along and they all enjoyed the show, and judging by the response from the rest of the audience JOANovARC won over quite a few more fans - as they seem to at virtually every show they play. 

It remains to be seen if JOANovARC will return to this venue, but I shall have to keep an eye on the place to see if any other bands I know turn up there... 

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