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5/2/2006 Self Make Rockers @ Lark In The Park

SubjectSelf Make Rockers @ Lark In The Park
DateCreated2/6/2006 1:44:00 PM
PostedDate2/5/2006 1:16:00 PM

I went to Lark In The Park in Islington to see Self-Made Rockers. In spite of the confusing name, this venue is actually a pub. It has quite an 'intimate' atmosphere, but that isn't always a bad thing - and they do put some good bands on. Self-Made Rockers have travelled all the way from their native Finland to play a couple of London pub gigs, so it would be quite rude of me not to go and see them.

The band were supposed to hit the stage at 10.15, but when I arrived at 10.00 they were already at least halfway though their set  - but what a blistering set it was!  The band rocked as if they were headlining a sold out show at the Astoria. They had bought their own sound guy over with them to mix their sound - apparently one of the top live sound engineers in Finland - a good move 'cos they sounded great in spite of using a borrowed backline of less than massive power. In fact, they sounded better live than on their CDs! Unfortunately, their set was over all too soon, but it was a great performance and certainly left people wanting more. I reckon on this form they could give Backyard Babies a run for their money. 

They gave me a one track promo CD afterwards as a taster for their forthcoming album - released in two weeks time in Finland. Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe was involved in the production of the album - he also assisted in the mixing and mastering of the band's early 'Popcorn Baby' single. The album sounds promising - every CD they have made so far has been better than the last, and this track 'See You Around' on the promo CD is certainly another step forward for the band.

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