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16/3/2006 London launch show at the Borderline London launch show at the Borderline
PostedDate3/16/2006 11:35:00 AM

I arrive before the doors of the Borderline open so I pop into Crobar to meet some friends - hello Miles, Robin, Naomi, and Kate - you all rock! It's nice change to be in this rockers haunt when it's not packed for a change. The streets of the surrounding area are full of 'metal' kids - I think Trivium are playing at the Astoria. Fortunately, most these dids either don't know Crobar, or a too young to get served in there.  By the time I've downed a bottle of Newcastle Brown the Borderline is open, as is the free bar that have so thoughtfully provided.  I'm keen to get in there early as I suspect the free bar will soon run out - I am pleased to be proved wrong and I think it's at least two hours before we have to start buying our own drinks...

Another reason I'm keen to get in the club early is that the first band of the four Tourdates have booked for tonight is the oddly named Matatabi - formerly the Stiff Kittens. I saw that band several years ago at a Five Miles High event and was very impressed. I've been listening to their excellent 'Raven Sessions' CD this week as well - not that I expected the new version of the band to play any songs from it as they now have a new singer as well as a new name.  Matatabi hit the stage around 7.30 and Kate and Naomi get to work taking pictures. The band turn in a rocking set that gives a good kick-start to the evening's proceedings. They look an odd bunch, and the bass player seems more 'rock 'n' roll' than the rest of the band put together.  Their music is good though.

Next on the bill is Murdoc. This newish band are already making a name for themselves with evening airplay on Xfm and a page on Five Miles High - from where I downloaded their song 'Faithless' the previous day. This made me more interested in seeing Murdoc, and they certainly didn't disappoint. 

After the second band the free bar started to take it's inevitable toll... The rest of the night became a bit of a blur and I can't really remember anything about the last couple of bands - although I seem to remember thinking they were good. I seem to vaguely remember some snogging, lots of free booze, some 'mega-metal', and meeting Steve from Stone Angels Management who was handing out In Shadow CDs to all and sundry, the lovely Caroline Alexander, and of course Tourdates head honcho Deano.

For once, I had the presence of mind to stagger out of the club in time to catch the last tube home.  I'm told I was involved in various incidents after leaving the Borderline involving Sainsbury's, cheese pies, and refusing to drink bottled water - I have no recollection of any of this... I'm told I had a good time though, and I think everyone else did too. 

Thanks to for providing an excellent night out - and all for free too.  Nice one Deano - cheers!

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