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25/1/2006 Towers Of London @ Nambucca

SubjectTowers Of London @ Nambucca
DateCreated1/29/2006 9:08:00 AM
PostedDate1/25/2006 8:32:00 AM

Went to see Towers Of London at Nambucca - a venue on Holloway Road that's new to me. Although it calls itself a 'club' venue, it's basically a pub gig with the bands playing in a largish room at the back - not unlike a bigger less cramped version of the Barfly when it used to be at The Falcon in Camden. It's good to see a band who can sell out the Garage or the Underworld playing in a more informal and intimate setting for a low key 'homecoming' gig.

The venue was full, and although the P.A. looked rather puny the sound was actually pretty good. The band have just got back from finishing off their first album in L.A. and it looks like the break of a few weeks off playing any shows has done them good - they were on fine form at this gig. Frontman Donny was sporting a shiny '80s style jacket instead of his usual black leather one - maybe he was being 'ironic', but you never quite know with these guys. We were treated to several new songs from their forthcoming debut album - one of which Donny claimed was quite different to their usual style as we would actally hear him 'singing' - on the quieter first part of the song anyway. The new songs show a bit of a change in direction to the more punk attitude and sound shown in most of their set - more of a considered and commercial approach to songwriting with a more polished 1980's sound. A new song called 'Northern Lights' particularly stood out. The show was more varied than usual with the addition on the new songs, but still very entertaining. Donny was clambering about over everything in sight as usual. The mic stand ended up in the crowd during the first song, but Donny soon got it back - without the mic - but he soon got that back too. One of the highlights was the frontman crowd surfing mid song while still singing out from the middle of the crowd. Loads of fun! 

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