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22/3/2006 JOANovARC @ Turnmills

SubjectJOANovARC @ Turnmills
PostedDate3/22/2006 7:51:00 AM

I went to see JOANovARC at Turnmills - a venue better known for dance music.  The first band of the night were just finishing their set as I arrived so I can't really comment on what they were like. Next I had to endure some some kind of emo-kid band who shall best remain nameless. Actually, I can't even blame alcohol for my feeble memory on this occasion due to the atrocious bar at this innappropriate venue - I simply can't remember the names of the support bands.  Maybe my brain is trying to protect me from the pretentious horror of the emo band by blanking them out of my memory banks?

The downstairs area at this place is a pretty awful venue for rock bands - the stage is small and too low, and the bar is one of the worst I have had the misfortune to encounter. They only had one beer on tap - some awful piss like Red Stripe or Miller. To add insult to injury - the only beer on draught was 'off' anyway, which left just bottled beer. They didn't have anything decent like Newcastle Brown - only a choice of small bottles of lager for 3, or various other small bottles of lager at a similar price. I went for a double Jack Daniels & coke, followed by another. Four shots of JD and 13 lighter in my pocket later and I was feeling no effect whatsoever in my efforts to numb the effect of the emo band - at which point I decided not to waste any more money at the overpriced bar. 

JOANovARC were excellent as usual and their performance made the trip into town worthwhile. A couple of promising new songs were aired and I think the band made a strong impression on those present. It was interesting to see Sam and Shelly Walker playing in their new band the night after seeing their previous band the Suffrajets at the Barfly. JOANovARC are a far more polished hard rock outfit who can also knock out catchy pop tunes when the mood takes them. They are certainly in a different class to their former band, with a far higher standard of musicianship and songwriting.

With hindsight and prior knowledge of the band's stage time I could have timed my arrival for just before they started (maybe driven down to save time if I could find somewhere safe to park) - stayed just for 30 minutes or so to catch JOANovARC's set and not bothered patronising the bar at all. Turnmills is not a venue I am in any hurry to return to. Oh well - you live and learn. Or maybe not.

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