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6/1/2006 Dead Monroe @ Hertford Marquee

SubjectDead Monroe in Hertford
DateCreated1/7/2006 9:34:00 AM
PostedDate1/6/2006 9:08:00 AM
BodyWent to see the excellent Dead Monroe at Hertford Marquee last night - what a great venue!  There was a good Friday night crowd in there and Dead Monroe blasted some terrific songs at them. The band rarely play their 'hit' from when they were known as the Bookoo Movement, but they introduced 'Beep Beep' with "Here's a song you may have heard on the radio" and things went up a gear from that point on. That tune certainly got people's attention and drew more people down to the front - they are mad not to play it more often.  I really like this venue, and the bands who play there seem to like it as well - the sound is great as they have a massive P.A. and a mixing desk that would put many of London's well known club venues to shame. From experience I can say that the on-stage sound mix is very good as well - many London venues could learn a lot this this little known club out in Hertfordshire. This show was the best I've heard this band sound for ages, and the guys seemed to enjoy being on the big well equipped stage instead of the normal pub and club stages they normally appear on.

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