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7/2/2006 Self-Made Rockers & Junkster @ the Hope & Anchor

SubjectSelf-Made Rockers & Junkster @ the Hope & Anchor
DateCreated2/8/2006 1:06:00 PM
PostedDate2/7/2006 12:20:00 PM

I went to see Self-Made Rockers and Junkster at London's famous Hope & Anchor. I was originally going just to see Self-Made Rockers, but then I discovered on Five Miles High that Junkster would be on the bill too - having downloaded their song 'New Era' from Five Miles High I was very impressed and looking forward to seeing this band too.

It was the first ever London gig for Northern lads Junkster. They opened their set with 'New Era' which was an excellent start!  The guitars were a bit too quiet, but apart from that they turned in a terrific set of Wildhearts and Therapy? influenced rifferama. They played good catchy punky songs with big chunky riffs thrown in Wildhearts style to kick you in the shins to make sure you are paying attention. It was a very well received show, with members of Self-Made Rockers enthusiastically joining in the applause. Junkster gave out free CDs afterwards, which was cool. I shall certainly be looking out for this band when they make it back to London again. 

It was good to see Self-Made Rockers for the second time in a week, and in a more rock 'n' roll venue this time - the Hope & Anchor also being the scene of the band's debut UK gig a couple of years ago. Unfortunately the sound mix wasn't as good as at Lark In The Park on Sunday but it wasn't bad. The band threw themselves into their performance with fiery enthusiasm and tuned in a powerful set of rock 'n' roll - Finnish style.  One surprise (but a good one) was their only cover - the Supersuckers 'Pretty Fucked Up'.  This band seem to consistently sound better live than on their studio CDs - and their CDs are pretty decent so that's a neat trick to pull off! I really enjoyed their show and I hope we don't have to wait another two years before they manage to play in the UK again - hopefully in the bigger and better venues they really deserve. 

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