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28/2/2006 Planet Of Women/Zen Motel & Plan A in Camden

SubjectPlanet Of Women/Zen Motel & Plan A in Camden
PostedDate2/28/2006 11:33:00 AM

I found myself doing the two gigs in one night thing again - it's handy both of them being in Camden - centre of the rock 'n' roll world as far as I'm concerned.

First port of call was the Underworld to see Zen Motel open up the show for the Ga*Ga*s. It was some time since I've seen the band at this venue, and they went on very early this time, but they played to more people than I was expecting - and got a pretty good reception as well.  The band looked like they were enjoying playing in one of London's best known club venues - I hope it's not so long before they play there again.

Next on the bill was Planet Of Women who gave their usual excellent performance. There was quite a decent crowd down at the front by this time and they were really getting into the band's set - I think quite a few new fans were won over judging by the screaming, applause and dancing going on.  As with Zen Motel, the sound mix wasn't the best but the band made a good job of overcoming the odd technical problem and putting on a great show - hopefully the first of many at this venue.

I missed most of Red Star Rebels set chatting in the bar, before some of us left the Underworld to rush off down the road to the Purple Turtle to catch Plan A It was well worth it as the band played a terrific high powered set. Plan A are a great band to watch as well as to listen too - there might be only three of them but there is always plenty happening onstage! As the band were headlining they got to play a decent length set at around 50 minutes - loads of fun! 

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