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25/09/2005 Girlschool, JOANovARC, & Caroline Alexander @ the Mean Fiddler

SubjectGirlschool, JOANovARC, & Caroline Alexander @ the Mean Fiddler
DateCreated9/25/2005 5:13:00 PM
PostedDate9/25/2005 8:45:00 AM

Been looking foward to this gig for ages - and it certainly didn't disappoint! 
Caroline Alexander was excellent - what a wonderful voice! She performed some new stuff like 'Suicide Note' as well as older material like 'Yellow Baby'. Not many people could pull off a Skunk Annansie cover so well either. Ace from that band was present - he has already worked with two of the acts on tonight's bill and may well be working was a third one soon... 
JOANovARC were quite simply amazing! This must be one of the best shows they have ever done! Power, passion, excitement - it was all there.  It was a stunning performance - jaw-droppingly good! One of the things which impressed me most that that most of the audience were obviously there just to see Girlschool - hardly anyone present could have known who JOANovARC were or heard their music - and yet they got a terrific response from the crowd after each song. I'm sure a lot of new fans were won over and the band did themselves a lot of good tonight!
Girlschool were LOADS of fun!  Their set got off to a slightly ropey start (like when they played the same venue earlier this year) due to some technical problems, but the girls soon got into their stride. There were some excellent songs from their recent couple of albums, plus a whole load of Girlschool classics! The band looked like they were loving every minute of it - and the crowd certainly were too! 
Met a few MySpace (and real life) friends as well - an excellent night out! 

PS: This venue was demolished to make way for London's 'Crossrail' project.

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