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7/12/2005 The Yo-Yo's (not), AntiProduct, Any Given Day & Die So Fluid @ the Garage

SubjectThe Yo-Yo's (not), AntiProduct, Any Given Day & Die So Fluid @ the Garage
DateCreated12/11/2005 6:06:00 PM
PostedDate12/7/2005 5:41:00 PM

It was a weird night and not what I expected. The headliners cancelled on the day, but the other bands all played. It looks like the Yo-Yo's have split up again - which I'm very sad about.  Danny McCormack turned up anyway though - determined to get on stage and at least play something with somebody - he was trying to get hold of Jef from Plan A and Robin Guy to play some Ramones songs or something - maybe he should have asked me as I know as few... I did spot Robin Guy there - but he turns up everywhere! I was expecting the Garage to be pretty full, but a lot of people found out the Yo-Yo's weren't playing and didn't turn up - or found out on the door and didn't come in. Die So Fluid were a late addition to the bill and went on first, although they are better known than Any Given Day. I felt a bit sorry for Grog walking round a nearly empty venue just before her band took to the stage early in the evening.   There were only a few of us down at the front watching Die So Fluid, but Grog was amazing as usual!   Any Given Day didn't have many more people watching them, but really threw themselves into their performance anyway - I really enjoyed their show!  It was very hard for the first two bands to get any sort of atmosphere going as the venue was less than half full and there was a funny mood in the air due to the headliners no-show and all the rumours circulating about them.  AntiProduct did a terrific job taking everybody's minds off everything and entertaining us with a fantastic show as usual - it was well worth the ticket price to see them alone! Fortunately the place had filled up more by then and the band played to a fair sized and enthusiastic crowd. Alex is a terrific frontman and very funny too! The sole member of the Yo-Yo's present got an enthusiastic reception when Alex introduced Danny McCormack and he joined AntiProduct for a blast though the Ramones 'Blitzkrieg Bop' to finish the show. Great fun! 

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