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18/09/2005 Rock In The Castle festival in Scarborough

SubjectRock In The Castle festival in Scarborough
DateCreated9/18/2005 7:50:00 PM
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Congratulations to the organisers for putting together such a fantastic bill! Never before has anyone managed to put such a high concentration of my favourite bands into a single day!  Most of the bands complimented each other very well too - I think fans of any of those bands (with the possible exception of InMe (who I have nothing against) would have found they enjoyed some of the other bands on the bill too.Apart from it being far too bloody cold on a windswept clifftop by the sea in northern England in September, I really liked the venue - what an amazing view and atmosphere that place has - totally unique!
I had to travel there from London the same day (and straight back afterwards too) and missed some of the earlier bands.
Arrived while the Glitterati were playing and enjoyed their set from a distance. Unfortunately, my late arrival led to me missing Johnny Panic and Tokyo Dragons - a couple of the bands I had particualy wanted to see. However, I've been lucky enough to see them a few times over the last year so it could have been worse.
Managed to see most of Plan A's set while sorting out some other things. They were very good as usual - lots of new songs and Jef playing more lead guitar these days - great stuff!
Planet Of Women played a high powered and very rocking set - filling the tent which was nearly empty when they started playing. They went down a storm and I'm sure now have quite a few extra fans!
Was busy elsewhere and missed 80 Matchbox B-Movie Disaster Area - wasn't too bothered as although I liked their recorded output I didn't think they were very good when I saw them live at Download.
I'm really glad Hanoi Rocks made it in the end after all the behind the scenes goings on - I thought they put on a terrific show and sounded great in spite of whatever 'technical problems' led to Mike Monroe's apparent prima-donna antics.
Wanted to see Hurricane Party as I thought they were very good live when I've seen them on other occasions, but didn't quite manage to get to see them this time as I got sidetracked elswehere as always seems to happen at festivals...
Of course Terrorvision's set was one of the highlights - a fantastic set in spite of the sound being shite - which seemed strange as all the bands I'd seen earlier on both stages seemed to have much better sound. Not many bands can pack so many terrific, catchy, and memorable songs into one set as Terrorvision. Nor can many bands get such a great atmosphere going the minute they start playing! Tony Wright is an engaging and entertaining frontman as he bounces energetically all over the stage non stop throughout the set and keeps us amused with his banter. Hugely enjoyable as ever!
Then of course, Terrorvision were followed by one of the only bands who can match them with a fantastic repertoire of songs and a great singalong atmosphere - the WiLDHEARTS! The pyro was spectacular - as was the setlist! Danny was on top form, although Ginger had noticably less to say than usual and let the music do the talking - but what great music is was! I thought the sound wasn't much better than it had been for Terrorvision, but hopefully that can be much better mixed for what should be a fantastic DVD when it eventually appears!
It was great to see Danny McCormack in fine shape and enjoying mingling with the crowd during the day - very happy and pleased to meet and chat with everyone. 
Unfortunately I had to rush off the moment the Wildhearts ended their set so I couldn't hang around and socialise. It was great to meet at least ten of my MySpace (and also real life) friends. And of course the legend that is Kitty Kowalski

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