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21/12/2005 Johnny Panic & Suffrajets (not) @ The Barfly

SubjectJohnny Panic & Suffrajets (not) @ The Barfly
DateCreated12/25/2005 5:40:00 AM
PostedDate12/21/2005 5:14:00 AM

Back at the Barfly for the second time this week - this time to see Johnny Panic and the Suffrajets. Unfortunately, the Suffrajets didn't appear as one of the band went down with food poisoning. 
I hadn't seen Johnny Panic for a while, but they are still an excellent live band. It was good to seen them play to a packed venue and also to see them making a lot of progress since I saw them play to about six people at the Dublin Castle a couple of years ago. You can spot the Sex Pistols,  G'N'R and Manics influences in their performance, but unlike some other acts - they manage to absorb their influences without sounding like they have ripped those bands off - and they still manage to bring something fresh and exciting to the scene. Their image is unlike any other band around, and they don't sound like anyone else either. Their songs are strong and distinctive - not only do they sound like they mean it but they also have something to say with tuneful anthems like 'Burn Your Youth'. This is definitely a band that has what it takes to be massive.

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