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5/8/2007 Eyelash @ the Barfly

SubjectEyelash @ the Barfly
PostedDate8/5/2007 2:33:00 PM

After seeing Eyelash a while ago with JOANovARC at Hertford Marquee I've been wanting to see them again, but circumstances have always conspired against me.  I went to see another band at the Dublin Castle recently and was pleased to discover on arrival that Eyelash were on the bill as well - but unfortunately I had to leave to see to see some friends playing at another gig before Eyelash took to the stage.  No such problems at the Barfly tonight though.

Although I'm not very familiar with their material, I was once again very impressed by this band. They sound much heavier than you would expect if you judged them by appearance - but anyone can be heavy - it's easy. What really made them stand out was the quality of musicianship - not just as individual musicians, but the way they play together so tightly as a band - Fe is not only excellent at fronting a band, but also has an excellent voice along with startling stage presence. This is a band where no one seems to stand out from the others and everyone seems to blend in perfectly - while at the same time being a vital part of the band's sound.
Ru is very good technically as a guitarist, but without being flash and over the top as is often the case.

Sophie has a far heavier and more dynamic sound than most bass players, while at the back Flow pounds at the drums in a very tight and sharp display of power.
I'll certainly be going to see them again - in spite of...

The only downer of the show was one of their fans being a bit of a twat - there's usually one isn't there?  He was obviously well pissed up and threw himself around the place with a couple of his mates in what looked rather like attention seeking behaviour - falling over several times and crashing into people who just wanted to watch the band - instead of him I'm sure he was particularly annoying to a photographer who as he was on the guestlist must have been there with the band's blessing to take pictures of them. 'Superfan' managed to barge into him - and even deliberately got in his way when he was trying to work and pranced about in front holding his hand in front of the camera lens on purpose.   I guess a band can't pick their fans, and maybe this guy isn't always such a moron, but even the band started to look embarassed at his antics eventually.  I've just realised - I've just spent as long talking about one idiot as I have about the band themselves!  I'll not include a picture containing him - I think he's had more than enough attention already.

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