Sunday, 23 February 2014

16/6/2007 Celtic Bones @ the Intrepid Fox

SubjectCeltic Bones @ the Intrepid Fox

A bit of a blast from the (not too distant) past at the Intrepid Fox. After the recent return of No Direction at the same venue (a gig I coudn't attend) now rock 'n' roll/metal/punkabilly heroes Celtic Bones make a very welcome return to London's live scene. It's not quite the old 3 piece lineup that fell apart when their drummer moved to Australia, but for this gig they have the well known and very capable rock 'n' roll powerhouse that is Gaff on drums. I don't know if this gig or lineup is a one-off - but it's pretty damn good whatever! Drummer aside, the band don't seem to have changed at all in the several years since they went MIA Guitarist/singer Doyley is still fired up and full of energy as they crank out their wired up thrash punkabilly, and stand-up bassman Strangy still looks mean as ever as he slaps out those rockabilly rhythms. The band's previous drummer sounded like a full-on metal drummer - while managing to look like he should be in Pantera, and Doyley used to play a very metal looking guitar so the overall impression was 'Stray Cats meets Slayer'.  The band still seem to retain much of their following and the upstairs room at the Intrepid Fox is pretty full. Unfortunately the lighting was so poor that my camera phone was good as useless - still, more time to be able to enjoy the show! I have no idea if the band are back, or if this gig is just a one-off - but I hope it's the former as they are still a damn good rock 'n' roll band. 

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