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19/7/2007 Bubblegum Screw @ the Purple Turtle

SubjectBubblegum Screw @ the Purple Turtle
PostedDate7/19/2007 5:28:00 AM

Just planning to see one band at one venue tonight - Bubblegum Screw at the Purple Turtle. I arrive between bands having missed the first two. Kickstart Liason sounded like they might be interesting, but have been replaced on the bill by another band - I've never heard of the other three bands playing.

So the penultimate band take to the stage - looking at them I'm already thinking "I'm not sure I'm going to like this..."  Guys in suits and a girl singer?
Then they start playing - it's like AC/DC - but twice as fast!  It's nice to be surprised sometimes. The first song is excellent, but the ones that follow seem a bit of a mess, although the playing is first rate. The girl has a terrific voice and good stage presence as well.
I think the band are called Raising Sand - a good discovery, and certainly worth checking out again in the future.

I saw Bubblegum Screw for the first time the other night - in the cramped confines of the Hope & Anchor. I was impressed with that performance and thought they would be even better in a larger venue like the Purple Turtle - and suddenly here they are playing a short notice gig at that very venue!

The turnout isn't great on this Thursday night, but they haven't had much chance to promote this midweek show. Singer Mark is feeling under the weather and in spite of the better venue the performance doesn't seem as good as the Hope & Anchor show.
Fortunately there are no technical problems this time though and the crowd (mainly girls) seem well into it.
If you like the New York Dolls this is certainly a band worth checking out - the singer has all the Jagger/Johansen moves and they have a good 'Johnny Thunders' on lead guitar.
I'm looking forward to seeing them again at Bar Monsta on Sunday when they will be playing with Vamps 'N' Gypsies to a hopefully full room.

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