Tuesday, 25 February 2014

20/8/2007 Another rant: London Transport/Tubelines ruin YET ANOTHER night out!

SubjectAnother rant: London Transport/Tubelines ruin YET ANOTHER night out!

So right now, instead on sitting here at my PC (which I spend far too much time doing already) I should be at the Soho Revue Bar, or on my way home having seen Girlschool (or some members of) playing a short set along with various other bands to play tribute to their late guitarist Kelly Johnson. I rushed home from work, grabbed something to eat, got ready, and headed off for the gig - stopping to raid the cashpoint and and off licence on the way as I wanted a couple of 'liveners' to drink on the way to avoid being ripped off at the venue's bar. (I've been there before). So I take my seat on the tube, crack open my first can and wait for the train to leave. And Wait. And wait... And then wait some more. An announcement says there is a 'Signal failure'. What's new? I wait.... Over half an hour later and the train still hasn't moved. Ever get that deja vu feeling? Eventually, another announcement says the service is suspended. We are told we will have to get off the train and get on a bus. Of course, there is no bus outside. And our Oyster cards have already been charged for the maximum length tube journey. That's OK though, 'cos we can get a refund at the ticket office. Only it's never fucking open. Fifteen minutes later there is still no sign of a bus, and I realise that even if one turned up now I'd still be so late it still wouldn't be worth bothering going as I'd arrive so late! I finish off my first can of livener - it was wasted. Unfortunately, I wasn't.

I cut my losses and walk back home. Yet another night out ruined by London's fucking useless public transport system. 

Sorry to those who were expecting to meet me at the gig. I did go - I just didn't get further than quarter of a mile from home after about an hour's trying.

To all my subscribers and other readers - I will catch up on blogging the four other gigs/bands I've seen since last Wednesday - I'm just not in the mood right now, and some sleep would be a good idea as I should have been in bed over an hour ago and only got three or four hours sleep before a day at work today...

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