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15/8/2007 Kitty Hudson @ the Bull & Gate

SubjectKitty Hudson @ the Bull & Gate

I'm going to split this Pure Rawk show into four seperate blogs as it's just going to be too long and have too many pictures otherwise. I think this is the first Pure Rawk promoted show at the Bull & Gate, but it turned out to be a cracker! 
There was a respectable turnout for a Wednesday night in Kentish Town and the atmosphere was good in the venue - lots of familiar faces! I was only familar with two of the four bands on the bill and wasn't expecting too much from the other two, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'd have happilly paid the money just to see Kitty Hudson and Patchwork Grace so anything else was a bonus!

Kitty Hudson kicked off the night's proceedings and were taking no prisoners with their new lineup.
I've got to admit I miss seeing previous drummer Lou's hair flailing about, but the current band with their extra guitarist are a tight lineup with a load of great songs. 
I was also really pleased to hear them throw in their great cover of Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers 'I Wanna Be Loved' - a song they don't play so much these days.
It's always great to see this band when they make the trip up from south of the river - hopefully now the new lineup is settling in they will be doing it more often.

PS: This venue no longer has live music.

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