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14/6/2007 Big Num @ the Purple Turtle

SubjectBig Num @ the Purple Turtle

Went to see Big Num at the Purple Turtle. They were on first out of four bands, but in my opinion probably deserved to headline - however, running orders tend to be arranged to favour the band who are likely be bring the biggest crowd, regardless of how good they are. Not that any of tonight's bands were bad, but I thought the first two were the best. I had never heard of any of the other bands on the bill - my idea of taking a picture of a poster on the wall with all the bands on to assist my alcohol addled memory didn't work and I ended up with photos of darkness instead - that's camera phones for you! However, I now I have a camera phone I can't be arsed to stuff my digicam into my jeans as well if it's warm enough to go out without a jacket on.

Big Num were pretty good as usual with their retro inspired and AC/DC influenced songs. They are one of those bands who always impress as they are so tight and always seem to get a good sound - and having some decent songs always helps. Their song 'You're Just Generic' makes a particular impression with it's raw but highly effective AC/DC style rhythm guitar - like the Aussie rockers they understand the effectiveness of keeping things simple and snappy - their raw basic no-frills or effects sound is their secret weapon in getting such a sharp, clear, and yet still hard sound on-stage.
Their songs might sound simple, but you can learn a lot from listening to AC/DC - and also Led Zeppelin although most their stuff is more intricately arranged - with some notable exceptions like the simple raw primal sound of 'Communication Breakdown' - simple enough to be a Ramones song! Big Num don't play any covers though, although I suspect they could turn out a damn fine hard rock cover set if they wanted to.

Although I can't remember their name, the second band on the bill turned out to be rather good too - a raw power trio. The following band were also decent enough, and like the previous band had a singer who seemed to want to be either Jim Morrison of Glen Danzig. I think two of the three other bands on the bill were The Venus Guns and The Gourami, but I'm not sure which one was which...  It was all good value for £6 though. Although there was a rock club after going into the small hours, for once I had the sense to head off soon after midnight to catch the last tube.

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