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17/7/2007 Kelly Johnson R.I.P.

SubjectKelly Johnson R.I.P.
DateCreated7/17/2007 12:32:00 PM
PostedDate7/17/2007 12:14:00 PM

Although I was never lucky enough to meet the late Girlschool guitarist Kelly Johnson, I remember her being a regular sight at Girlschool gigs since she chose to leave the band a few short years ago. I know she greatly touched those she met - not just with her music, but also with her personality.

She was also a major influence on upcoming musicians - I am sure there are a great many girl guitar players who would never have picked up a guitar if they hadn't been inspired to by Kelly and Girlschool - we owe her a great debt for that alone. I well remember that when I was first teaching myself to play guitar, some the the first things I learnt to play were Girlschool riffs, along with the Ramones, Pistols, Chuck Berry, etc. I think Girlschool only ever recorded two cover versions (not including the Headgirl songs) - my current band plays both those cover versions. I'm pretty sure those two songs wouldn't be in our set if it wasn't for Kelly Johnson - I will always think of her when I play them. Her influence lives on...

Kelly will never be forgotten - she will live on, both in our hearts and in her music.

Rest in peace Kelly...

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