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15/8/2007 Plastic Toys @ the Bull & Gate

SubjectPlastic Toys @ the Bull & Gate

This was one of the bands on tonight's Pure Rawk bill that were new to me - I'd heard of them but knew nothing about them so I didn't really know what to expect. The drummer was wearing headphones, which I didn't find an encouraging sign.  They turned out to actually be rather good at what they do and played well, although I wasn't very keen on all the samples and/or DAT sounds going on - I can never help but wonder when I see a band relying on this sort of thing what they would sound like without all the tecnology and would they be deadly dull or just very average without it?
Plastic Toys seem decent enough musicians, but behind all the image and effects I felt this was definitely least exciting actual performance of the four bands on the bill.
I did find myself enjoying their set more than I expected, but they were rather 'emo' for my tastes and I certainly wouldn't go and see them again, although I dare say I'll end up watching them sharing a bill with some other bands I like again sooner or later.
This venue closed for live music in 2013.

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