Tuesday, 15 April 2014

8/12/2007 Dead Monroe @ the Dublin Castle

SubjectDead Monroe @ the Dublin Castle

Back to the Dublin Castle to see Dead Monroe. I arrived just in time to catch Men & Gods finishing their set, for the second time recently - wish I'd got there a bit earlier now.

It's good to see Dead Monroe back at a proper gig. No TV company bullshit this time - just a straight rock 'n' roll show. These barrow boys set out their stall in Camden and got a better chance to show their wares than at their last gig at The Scala.
Guitarist Alex was told by the sound man that his 'wall of WEM'  vintage amplifiers was too loud, but he didn't turn down - good man!
Amps cranked to 10 and he let rip with his Gibson while singer/bassist Justin's Ampeg tower rumbled menacingly and drummer Ben cracked out a whiplash beat.
The band's newer recorded material has a more poppy and commercial feel than their previous heavier riff-rock, but live they still come across as quite an 'in your face' rock band. The difference being, Dead Monroe have cleverer and catchier songs than most bands out there on the club scene.

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