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11/11/2007 Part 1. Honeykill @ the World's End

SubjectHoneykill @ the World’s End

Another two gigs in one day effort - but made much easier by one of them being in the afternoon, and both of them being in virtually the same place.

It's Rememberance Sunday. I bought a poppy yesterday and somehow lost it at the gig at the Purple Turtle last night. I'm rather annoyed about not having one to wear today and can't find anyone selling them. As I walk into the tube station I pass an old soldier proudly wearing his medals - obviously on his way back from somewhere paying tribute to fallen comrades. He gives me a sideways glance in passing - my general appearance and lack of a poppy arousing what I perceive as a look of thinly disguised contempt. If only he knew...

I arrive in Camden and search in vain for a poppy seller. It may not mean much to most of you reading this, but it actually means a lot to me. I get to the World's End pub and find Tish and Paivi from Honeykill 'aving a fag' outside. I was expecting the band to be starting their set shortly, but they haven't even had a chance to soundcheck yet - apparently there are three other bands playing as well. It's a different vibe to a normal gig - it's just a pub in Camden on a Sunday afternoon - no stage or anything - the bands just set up in a corner. It's very relaxed and it's a free show so anyone can casually wander in off the street. Honeykill eventually get to play well over an hour later than planned.
Even then things don't work out as expected - Paivi has to sit this gig out as due to a technical problem her keyboards can't be plugged in. 
Consequently, it's a raw and stripped down three piece version of Honeykill that play this show. However, they pull it off really well - powered along by Alfie the 'Italian Keith Moon' really driving things along.
It's more of a 'punk rock' feel to this show without any keyboards and there seems more of an urgency about the band's performance to make up for the missing member.
It works out pretty well though and Honeykill get a great reception - especially considering virtually no one in the crowd can have known who the band were.
There are quite a lot of people watching the band in this pub late on a Sunday afternoon and I think they have won over quite a few new fans by the time they play their big ROCK ending to their set. 

The following couple of bands seen rather dull in comparison, although a bloke covered in green make-up and looking like the Jolly Green Giant seems to have brought quite a few people along to see him. The last band of four is pretty bog standard (as in only deserving to play toilet venues) pub rock. Well known musos apparently, but possibly a bit pissed and only appearing to play for their own amusement rather than entertaining what's left of the crowd.  Still, it a free admission gig on a Sunday afternoon in a pub with decent beer - well it would have if all the good stuff wasn't 'off'.  Still, the atmosphere is pleasant so it's a nice enough way to pass the time as I'm in good company.  Then as nine o'clock rolls around it's time to head downstairs to the Underworld...

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