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18/1/2008 Shush @ the 12 Bar Club

SubjectShush @ the 12 Bar Club

My first visit (probably of many) this year to the 12 Bar Club. I'm there to see Shush make their return to the live arena after being away for a while working on their forthcoming EP. The band are on good form as usual.
The lineup is slightly different for this show as Jake from TAT is filling in for normal drummer 'Bloody' Paul who is not available for this gig. Anyone who has seen TAT will be able to confirm Jake is a pretty good drummer so things go well tonight.
The sound is surprisingly good in this intimate venue - it puts many much larger venues to shame - as does the 12 Bar Club's bar prices! 
The band are obviously enjoying being back on stage and turn their usual polished performance. 
Their own brand of pop and rock is complemented tonight by a cover of Blondie's 'Call Me' - this is well received by the crowd, as is the rest of the set.
Unfortunately it's over all too soon, but it's been an enjoyable show - ladies and gentlemen of Shush we salute you!

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