Friday, 4 April 2014

11/11/2007 Part 2. TAT @ The Underworld

SubjectTAT @ The Underworld

So after seeing several bands of varying quality in the pub upstairs earlier I head down to the Underworld. It makes a nice change to go to a couple of gigs in one day and not have to worry about rushing around catching trains or buses in an effort to get to the next venue in time!

TAT are supporting The Loved Ones and there is quite a good crowd in the Underworld - not enough apparently for the management to justify opening the other bar though.

TAT have a big enough following these days to ensure that plenty of people have arrived early enough to watch the support band and it is quite full in the area in front of the stage.
TAT themselves provide a lively show as usual and get a great reception to their brand of tuneful pop/punk with a hint of ska. It's an energetic performance that gets the crowd bouncing.
The band are on good form and nice and tight as a result of being on tour with The Loved Ones. I enjoy their show, but decide to head home after TAT's set. Normally I would have stuck around for the headliners, but I'd already seen five bands in the last few hours and I didn't think things were going to get any better so I decided to leave on a high after TAT. Just as well really as the tube was shite on the trip home and my journey took much longer than it should have done.

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