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28/1/2008 Kill Cartel @ the Dublin Castle

SubjectKill Cartel @ the Dublin Castle

Yet another night in Camden - I might as well move there! This time I'm at the Dublin Castle to see Kill Cartel.
This band seem to get better every time I see them, although they claim to not be very well rehearsed tonight.
The set kicks off with 'Body Blow' and there's no looking back. The band charge headlong through a nine song set with no let up.
No token ballad, no slow songs - just high powered in your face rock 'n' roll.
The standout song for me is a new one called 'Divide And Rule' - a strong AC/DC influence at the start, but the band stamp their own distinctive style over it.
The show finishes with forthcoming single 'Blood Red', but it's not time to go home quite yet...

Supernik have been recommended to me previously, but this is the first time I've seen them. I hope it's not the last as they are pretty good. They have a heavy grunge tinged stoner rock sound, with some hard riffing and high powered rock 'n' roll mixed in - and a Farfisa organ! How often to you see one of them these days. This is good stuff and well worth hanging around for.

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