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22/2/2008 TAT @ the Luminaire

SubjectTAT @ the Luminaire

A Friday night out in County Kilburn. The Luminaire is a small but above average venue with reasonably priced drinks, although not a good beer selection unless you like lager or Guinness. There's not a great deal of room, but it seems well set up for live music.

I arrive to find what I can only describe as a 'pop group' playing - two girl singers (who are actually rather good) and songs that wouldn't sound out of place on daytime Radio 1. Not my sort of thing at all, but they seemed good at what they did and seemed to have a reasonable following.

I had no idea who else was playing and was only there to see TAT.
They were pretty good as usual, and seemed maybe less ska and more pop/punk based than at previous shows I'd seen.
They've landed a good US touring festival slot for this summer and this is likely to be their last UK gig until around November, although hopefully their debut album will be out around April. The more observant of my regular readers might recognise the drummer in the background as two nights previously he was depping with Shush at the 12 Bar Club.

The last band playing tonight have apparently supported Foo Fighters on tour.
It's a shame they didn't bother to tell us their name as they were actually rather good in a retro AC/DC or Hellacopters style - certainly worth sticking around to see. Oh well.

PS: This venue has since closed.

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