Friday, 25 April 2014

26/1/2008 Big Num @ the Hope & Anchor

SubjectBig Num @ the Hope & Anchor

Yes, it's them again. A good band who are well deserving of some support after making a trip from well out of London to play a gig in a small venue. They are on first at the Hope & Anchor, and when I arrive in the small room downstairs I am the only one there.  It's looking like being a dispiriting gig playing in front of no-one for these boys, but they don't seem to let it get them down.
However, even as they launch into the intro to the first song people start to walk in - by the time they finish they song there are at least 16 people in the room!
By the time Big Num finish their set there are a lot more people watching them - and judging by their reaction at the end of each song they are really enjoying the music. The band seem well into it too - they always seem to play with a real passion for what they are doing.
I can't stay to watch the rest of the bands on the bill as I have another gig to get to a couple of miles away...

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