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7/2/2008 Men & Gods @ Metro

SubjectMen & Gods @ Metro

I'm at Metro for the second Thursday night in a row - this time to see promising newish band Men & Gods.
It's probably the best performance I've seen from them to date, although beset by technical problems due to a malfunctioning guitar amp - leading to some jamming while things are sorted out. However, this sort of thing can be a good test of quality musicians and as they jam to fill some time in they show themselves to be a class above many bands who would just stand about looking helpless or frustrated and not knowing what to do. One of the other bands amps is patched in and soon Men & Gods are back in business.
As I said, it's a good performance and the sound mix is good and clear - it's a shame this happens at this sparsely attended small club gig instead of one of the bigger better attended shows like at the Purple Turtle. Still, it makes a change to hear the band sound more as they are supposed to with the keyboards clearly audible for once.
Led Zeppelin are the most obvious influence on this band, with frontman Marc Eden (currently the smartest dressed man in rock?) almost seeming like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant rolled into one, but without blatantly imitating either of them.
This is definitely a class act, and maybe with the current resurge of interest in this style of music due to a certain older British band reforming for a recent show maybe their time is coming...

PS: This venue has now been demolished along with several others nearby to make way for London's Crossrail project.

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