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30/11/2007 The Forum - Part 2: Queen Adreena

SubjectThe Forum 30th November - Part 2: Queen Adreena

After The Urban Voodoo Machine and various horror/cabaret type acts the 'Secret special guest band'  finally take to the stage.
It's been a while since Queen Adreena played in London, and there has been a lineup change since their last show here - as usual it's the bass player. More on the new member later...
As usual, Queen Adreena are amazing. I've never seen this totally unique band give a bad show, although I have to say this isn't one of their best performances - in a crowded support slot with an audience who mostly have no idea who they are it was unlikely to be one of their best.
However, the entrancing (or maybe entranced) Katie Jane Garside is something else.
There is something quite 'other worldly' about her and her somewhat unhinged performances. You never know quite what she is going to do next, and I don't think she does either. Once she appears on the stage it's impossible to take your eyes off her.
Katie's ex-Daisy Chainsaw bandmate Crispin Gray is another unique character, both visually and musically. His sharp and metallic guitar style is very distinctive, while there is a visual almost pantomime element to his performance as well.
It's certainly an enthralling performance, and Katie appears to be enjoying herself while remaining as enchanting as ever.
The revolving door for bass players in this band has been spinning again and now Nomi is assuming bass duties - she can also be seen currently with Crispin from this band in the Dogbones. Nomi is certainly the most animated player who has filled this postition in Queen Adreena, but she doesn't go over the top and seems to fit in well - lets hope she lasts longer than the many others.
Bass players aside, this band have had a stable lineup for a few years now, and ex-Clash drummer Pete Howard nails the beats solidly and with considerable power. He normally looks like he's ready to kill someone, but takes it all out on his kit instead. Maybe it's just as well he plays the drums?

Sharing a stage with Ms Garside is not the safest of occupations and I have seen her physically attack Crispin on various occasions - usually leaving him to produce a comb from a pocket to straighten his hair afterwards. He doesn't escape tonight - without warning Katie hurls herself at him and brings him crashing down with a rugby tackle. On this occasion she comes off worse. He picks himself up straight away - Katie stays down. Crispin looks concerned and enquires if she is OK to carry on. It's a minute before she manages to get up and continue - visibly the worse for wear. She performs the next song sitting down with blood running from a cut on her head.
She looks a bit like she's had the stuffing knocked out of her, but soon recovers and manages to carry on with the rest of the show as normal. Well as normal as Katie Jane Garside ever gets anyway.
With a new album of old demos just released and a new studio album in the pipeline for next year lets hope Queen Adreena live performances won't be such a rare thing in 2008...

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