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10/1/2008 Dublin Castle and the rest of the weekend...

SubjectDublin Castle and the rest of the weekend...

So after seeing Les Anges at Lark In The Park on Tuesday I was so impressed that I wanted to see them again. On Friday they played the last date in their short UK tour so I decided to grab a chance to see them before they vanished back to their native Belgium. Well that was the plan anyway. So off to the Dublin Castle I went. The band were supposed to be on at 9.15 - or so I thought. Unknown to me, the first band didn't turn up. In their wisdom, the wonderful Bugbear Promotions decided to put all the remaining bands on earlier so the girl doing the PA could go home early at about ten...

After dealing with various other chores I arrived at the Dublin Castle shortly after nine. Normally when I go to this venue and arrive about nineish the first band hasn't even started. This time I arrive to find Les Anges packing up having just finished their set.  There were a couple more bands on after and normally I'll stick around and see the other acts in case I discover another good band. This time I didn't bother paying to get in and giving Bugbear any of my money as they had denied me the chance of seeing the band I had travelled down to see.  I hung around for a few beers and also had a look in some other local places to see what was going on: Worlds End - packed! Devonshire Arms - quite busy and still full of Goths after the recent change of ownership. Bar Monsta - Dead. Only two people in there listening to some house music or similar... Went back to the Dublin Castle for another Newcastle Brown or two as they were playing by far the best music of any of the joints I dropped into - loads of Led Zep and AC/DC.  Then I cut my losses and left in time to catch the last tube for once.

It was a poor start to the weekend, but things improved greatly on Saturday night when I went to a housewarming party in Finchley thrown by Jimi & Co. The company was good and the booze did flow.  After six cans of K I woke up to this sight:

Then late in the afternoon one of the girls broke open a bottle of Champagne for breakfast. It was dark again by the time I left... I realised when I got home that I hadn't eaten a thing for about 24 hours, but I still wasn't hungry. Anyway, it was an excellent party and it put me in a really good mood after a crap start to the weekend. 

There is certainly room for improvement in one or two aspects of my life, but overall things could be a lot worse and I'm actually quite happy in general - I realise I'm very lucky to have so many good friends. 

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