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31/12/2007 New Year's Eve - Part one, the Jim Jones Revue

SubjectNew Year’s Eve - Part one, the Jim Jones Revue

New Year's Eve. There are a few things going on in town, but nothing that looks very interesting - apart from in Tuffnel Park. At The Dome/Boston Arms there is something that looks like fun - the Dirty Water Club, in conjuction with Not The Same Old Blues Crap and Gypsy Hotel have put together a good bill: The Urban Voodoo Machine, the Jim Jones Revue, and The Branded, plus various shock/horror/cabaret type acts.  It's on the expensive side at £25 on the door, but on the other hand the bar is at pub prices and it's open until six in the morning.  I know a few other people who are going so it's not hard to make my mind up.

Unfortunately I don't arrive in time to see Scandinavian rockers The Branded, although bearing in mind I still have at least eight hours of drinking ahead it's probably just as well I didn't arrive much earlier anyway...  I also miss one of the other acts - Norma Guntz & her Tom Jones Tumour. Yes really. However, I still witness the 'delights' of this act later in the evening - no pictures as I wouldn't want to spoil it for you... There are one or two other acts on before the next band - one of which seems to involve torturing clowns - well I think most people are in favour of that! The DJs are rocking up a storm as well. 

I've never seen the Jim Jones Revue before, although they certainly sound good on paper: MC5 meets Little Richard - sounds good to me! 
They are an out and out old style rock 'n' roll band - they look like it and they sound like it - you can imagine this is what it was like seeing a really good rock 'n' roll band back in the 50's or early 60's.
The Jim Jones Revue rock pretty hard and are very entertaining. The MC5/Little Richard thing turns out to be about right as they have a piano player as well. I am also strongly reminded of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
With their retro style they certainly look the part, and they are also a damn fine rock 'n' roll band who believe in the art of showmanship.
I was very impressed and will certainly be going to see this band again.

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