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15/11/2007 Johnny Panic @ Electrowerkz

SubjectJohnny Panic @ Electrowerkz

This show was supposed to take place at the Water Rats, but it got moved at very short notice to Electrowerkz - not the band's fault, but rather annoying at it's not quite as easy to get to as Kings Cross and the venue is rather shabby with poor bar facilities. 

This was intended to be the band's new album release party, and I didn't realise until I got there that there were several other bands playing. The previous act was a singer who's name escapes me, although a mate reckoned he was one of the singers from Do Me Bad Things - who I assume have now split up? He had a decent enough band, but it was all a bit bland and soulless - could go far then...

In spite of the short notice move to a less well known venue, Johnny Panic had a much better crowd to play to than at their recent support slot at the 100 Club - quite a few people were obviously present to see the band as opposed to the other acts. Johnny Panic played a pretty similar set to their 100 Club gig, but I didn't think the show was as good due to the more cramped confines of Electrowerkz. The atmosphere was better though due to the crowd. The band gave an excellent performance but probably couldn't give their best due to the constrictions of the venue's stage, and the sound wasn't that good either. This same audience, but in the 100 Club would have made the show a real cracker! It was still a good gig though, as the band have so many great songs, and the new ones are starting to grow on me now. The mix of old and new material worked very well - much better than the set of new songs the band played at Dingwalls earlier this year. The only shame was that the band had to leave out some really good older songs like 'You're A Fool' because they just didn't have enough time. Most the best songs from the first album did get played though. Well worth a trip to Islington on a Thursday night. 

There was another band on afterwards - I noticed a 'rock' looking guitarist setting up on stage who would not look out of place in any of the current crop of 'sleaze' bands playing in London.  Also a couple of pretty girls who appeared to also be in the next band, so it looked worth sticking around to check them out.  The 'band' that took to the stage shortly afterwards consisted of the aforementioned guitarist, the girls who turned out to be backing singers/dancers, and there was a man with a 'tache in drag - he was the lead 'singer', but I suspect he was miming.  There was another 'guitarist' but I think he was miming too.  The 'rock' guitarist was virtually inaudible and looked rather sheepish. The music was rather camp pop music - as my mate remarked, it was like 'a typical night at Madame Jo-Jo's'. It was pretty dire, and made the Scissor Sisters seem really rock 'n' roll. I very quickly decided it was time to leave...

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