Friday, 18 April 2014

16/12/2007 Girls On Top @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

SubjectGirls On Top @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

This is one of the few London venues I actually look forward to going to, even though strictly speaking Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes isn't a proper live music venue. It's a nice place to visit though, with a cool 1950's vibe and usually good DJs placing a mixture of classic 50's rock 'n' roll mixed with classic punk.  There is an interesting selection of draught and bottled beers available, although if you like your beer to be brown coloured then you won't find much on offer to interest you. 

The vibe is a bit different on this Sunday though as the promoters are Really London Tours and the bill is much more eclectic than usual. The crowd is more of a 'hip' trendy mob, rather than the normal punky crowd those sleazebags Girls On Top draw - I don't think their normal fans like going outside of Camden much.
Still, the band kick out an entertaining din with songs from all three of their albums - although they do tend to sound rather familiar even though they aren't covers. Even though virtually none of the band's usual crowd are present, they still manage to get a few people dancing with their very retro sounding mixture of old rock 'n' roll and punk.

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