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29/11/2011 Patchwork Grace @ The Dublin Castle

SubjectPatchwork Grace @ The Dublin Castle
DateCreated12/11/2011 3:41:00 PM

Tuesday night finds me down at Camden's Dublin Castle to see Patchwork Grace.

Fortunately tonight (unlike their other recent Camden gig) there are no local drunks who don't 'get' Tori's act - the point being that it is an act - a performance!

This being a well known and dedicated music venue, the people here are actually proper music fans rather than the random casual crowd that wander into free shows in pubs. And tonight they are treated to a really good pop/rock band in action playing some quality songs. And the crowd like what they see and hear.

Patchwork Grace continue to evolve, and their more obvious early influences like Queen Adreena and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now fading more into the background as the band develop their own identity.

The band give their customary good performance - they know there is no point driving all the way down from Nottingham and being crap. They are out to impress, and that's exactly what they do.

An enjoyable evening as usual at the Dublin Castle, and very reasonably priced both on the door and at the bar compared to most other Camden dives - even the lethally strong Weston's cider is cheaper than a bottle of Newcastle Brown at most London venues. 

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