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22/1/2012 BrewDog pub in Camden and Stereo Juggernaut @ The Barfly. (nearly)

SubjectBrewDog pub in Camden and Stereo Juggernaut @ The Barfly. (nearly)
DateCreated1/23/2012 3:33:00 PM
PostedDate1/25/2012 4:47:00 AM

Hmmm - second night out in a row that didn't go according to plan.
For a few weeks I've been wanting to check out the new BrewDog pub in Camden. Seeing as Stereo Juggernaut are playing at The Barfly this seems like a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Well it would have been - if only I had remembered the BrewDog idea a few hours earlier before I started getting ready to head for Camden.
Anyway, I knew Stereo Juggernaut were headlining at The Barfly and would be last on - so I still had time for a swift beverage or two elsewhere beforehand.
From somewhere I had the idea that the band would be hitting the stage at 10.30. So I arrived in Camden with time to spare. I soon found the new BrewDog bar - located in a former pub, now back to it's original purpose of selling beer.
First impressions were't that good as I wasn't keen on the new decor - looking rather 1930's industrial, it was like being in some retro factory.
And the gents reeked of piss. 
Not that busy on this Sunday night but enough people in to give it some life. And there were Black Sabbath and Deep Purple album tracks coming out of the speakers even though it's not a 'rock bar'.
So, to the bar - this is where it gets interesting. BrewDog are a brewery who are trying to change the way things are done in the industry, and in their bars too. They brew some of the world's strongest beers, and they dare to sell them in their pubs.
They give their brews ridiculous names as well. They do things differently - beer as art? Apart from the beers themselves, another of the things they do differently is the way they serve them. Not just by the pint or the half, but also in 2/3 and 1/3 pint glasses. This seemed a bit strange and unnecessary at first, but when you actually try sampling their (often ridiculously strong) brews it all starts to make sense.
It's also good if you are in a hurry, or just want to try lots of different beers without getting shitfaced.
Both of those apply to me tonight. Time is short and I only have time to try three: Winter Porter (6%), Hardcore IPA (9%) and Paradox Jura (15%) - all in glasses of less than a pint. While drinking the latter I look round to see if anyone nearby is eating as I think I can smell Marmite? It's coming from the beer - which must have a hell of a lot of yeast in it! Marmite isn't to everyone's taste so nor will this beer be, although it doesn't actually taste like Marmite.
I think this brew is rather amazing, but at that strength it's probably just as well I don't have time for another....
So - off to the Barfly. More by luck than judgement (or maybe not) I arrive around the time I expect the headline band to be hitting the stage. There is no one on the door to take my money - not a good sign. I'd have happily paid a fiver to see the bands if anyone had been bothered to take my money.
I can hear a band playing upstairs. It's Stereo Juggernaut. They sound good, although the guitar could be louder - I always much prefer the sound of this band live to their recorded more electro sound. New bass player Asha seems to fit in well replacing the departed and very popular Tish. I wait until they finish the song before getting my camera out. It's the last song.
So - no pictures! Apparently two of the other bands didn't bother to turn up, so the headliners went on early and I missed all but one song. Great.  Oh well, this has to be my cheapest visit to The Barfly ever - got in free, and as I'd already some three rather strong beers down the road didn't feel the need to patronise the venues these day quite expensive bar - which I think was closing anyway. The BrewDog place shut at 10.30 as it's Sunday so no point going back there, although it seems a bit early to go home even on a Sunday. So, off to the faithful old Dublin Castle for a quick pint of Weston's Old Rosie before catching the last southbound tube from Camden Town. Oh well, at least I enjoyed a few rather nice beers to make up for not having a single one when I was out last night - and I discovered an interesting new drinking establishment that I will certainly be returning to.
Have to make sure I get to the next Stereo Juggernaut gig a bit earlier....
PS: I have since discovered that the BrewDog bar in Camden is the former Laurel Tree pub - a one time music venue.

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