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10/11/2011 G.M.T. @ The Boston Arms Music Room

SubjectG.M.T. @ The Boston Arms Music Room
DateCreated11/23/2011 3:31:00 PM

Back to the Boston Arms - this time to see the amazing G.M.T.. This is the third time I've seen them - unfortunately they don't play in London very often - it's two years since last time.

Since the first time, I couldn't believe what a great live band they were - incredibly tight. We are talking AC/DC levels of tightness here - they really do play that well together.

This is definitely the best power trio I've ever seen - I've seen ZZ Top a couple of times, but as a live band GMT leave them for dead. Seriously.
Although they are only three of them - they are very loud!

Bernie Torme first came to my attention many years ago when I saw him on Top Of The Pops as part of Ian Gillan's band. I found out later the bass player was John McCoy - and here they are playing together again. To be picked to play guitar with in both Ian Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne's bands you have to be pretty damn good - and Bernie Torme still is. John McCoy is one of the most rock solid bass players I've ever heard, and also has a very commanding stage presence even though he doesn't move around much. Completing the rhythm section we have arguably the best rock drummer in the UK in Robin Guy. Rather than list the big names he has played with, it would be quicker to list the ones he hasn't played with!

The Stratocaster isn't the beefiest or heaviest sounding of guitars by a long way and normally has a thin clear tone. I have never heard a Strat sound as fat and meaty as Bernie makes it sound tonight - his sound is huge. The bass sounds dirty and nasty - not as extreme as Lemmy as John McCoy has a much fatter warmer tone. Robin Guy is powerful, but surprisingly restrained - not shamelessly showboating as I have seen him in other bands. This is not just three blokes playing music together - this is a real band! It's not often you see one as good as this.




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