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18/11/2011 Shush @ The 100 Club

SubjectShush @ The 100 Club
DateCreated12/2/2011 12:34:00 PM

I seem to be finding myself down at the 100 Club more often these days. This is a good thing tonight for two reasons:

#1. They are actually serving real ale again after seeming not to bother with it for most of this year.  Only one of the pumps is in use, and it's only serving London Pride but it's a welcome step back in the right direction. It's a reasonable price too. 

#2. Shush are playing. Tonight's show is the Launch Party for their new single 'Stay'.

This is a Shush gig with a difference - the first part of it is not only acoustic, but also features a string section! It's an interesting experiment which seems to be apreciated by the crowd.

After playing the two songs 'Stay' and 'Soundtrack Of My Life' in this format, normal service is soon resumed and the band are rocking out in their more accustomed full on electric manner. 

I've never seen this band turn in a bad show, and their brand of catchy pop/rock always wins over a few people who haven't seen them before. 

There is an element of audience participation encouraged (and actively engaged in) when the band show their punk rock side with their crowd pleasing anthem 'F**k You'.

With an E.P. and now their debut album 'Soundtrack Of My Life' under their belt the band are starting to get noticed a bit more. With 100 Club headlining shows like this, and a bit of interest from radio stations things are looking up a bit for Shush.

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