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6/10/2007 Urban Voodoo Machine @ the Macbeth

SubjectUrban Voodoo Machine @ the Macbeth
DateCreated10/7/2007 11:56:00 AM

It wasn't that busy when I rolled into Hoxton around nineish - the Macbeth wasn't far short of empty. I was a little surprised as this Urban Voodoo Machine gig was also the 'aftershow' for the tattoo convention nearby in Brick Lane. However, the band have a loyal following and this smallish pub venue had filled up nicely by showtime.

I was wondering how this band of up to nine members was going to fit on the rather small stage? They managed it somehow, although it was slightly easier due to the absence of guitarist Nick 'Nasty' Marsh who is out of the country at the moment.
Paul ably assumed lead and most rhythm guitar duties on this occasion with his 50's style gold Gretch.
The sound was surprisingly good given the confines of the venue and the band gave their usual throroughly entertaining performance - culminating in some 'metal band @ the Purple Turtle' style playing from atop the bar!

The band went on about 50 minutes late, meaning the chances of me catching the last tube home were non-existent. As it was Saturday night and I had nothing planned for Sunday I wasn't that bothered - a trip to Decadence seemed a good option. I piled into a cab with Andi & Liz and we were soon there. I haven't been to the club for a while and this was my first visit since it moved to it's new venue at SIN just off Charing Cross Road. I've got to say I enjoyed it a lot more than it's previous venue the St Moritz. Gossips was a bit of a shithole (literally - as it was a converted Victorian sewer) but I much preferred it to the later Wardour St venue. SIN is effectively two clubs running together on different floors, but there is much more room than at the previous venues. The bar is also much better than the St Moritz (although it's still expensive) and I was able to get Newcastle Brown in a bottle rather than a can, which was much more satisfactory.  Oddly enough, I was unable to obtain this beverage in the Macbeth earlier - poor show for any pub! Anyway, good company and a fine way to end a good night out. I really should go to Decadence more often - I expect I will now it's at a better venue. 

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