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29/10/2007 Kitty Hudson, Teenage Casket Company & The Erotics @ the Purple Turtle

SubjectKitty Hudson, Teenage Casket Company & The Erotics @ the Purple Turtle

This Pure Rawk night gets off to a very disappointing start with the news that Vamps 'N' Gypsies have cancelled due to illness. A shame as I was really looking forward to seeing them at this venue again.  Still, it's well worth the trip as I'd have been there to see either Kitty Hudson or Teenage Casket Company even if they were the only band playing. 

Kitty Hudson hit the stage first in a ball of punk fuelled rock 'n' roll energy. 
I always enjoy their sets as they have so many good songs, and they didn't even play all their best ones tonight - I particularly missed 'What It's Like'.
Always good to hear a Johnny Thunders cover though - Richie told me there could be another added to the band's repertoire soon...
It's good to see this band playing more regularly north of the river this year as well as their regular gigs in south London.

Teenage Casket Company hit the ground running in their patent 'punk rock Bon Jovi' style - it's much better than it sounds believe me! 
As well as a bunch of strong songs they bring their 'Big Rock Show' and are always good fun - one of those bands who go all out to entertain you.
This is a band who are always determined to give every crowd maximum value for money, and even if they are playing in a Camden club they perform like they are headlining a stadium rock show. 
The band are tight and on good form as they are on a UK tour with the Erotics at the moment - and this band just love being out on the road.

Headliners The Erotics are new to me, although this isn't the first time they have flown over from their native USA to tour the UK.
I don't quite get them to be honest - they are OK and play well enough - it's the sort of music I normally like, but they really don't strike me as anything special. They aren't bad or anything, but it all seems a bit generic and they don't stand out at all from 50 other similar bands I have seen in Camden over the past couple of years. Maybe I'm missing something? Plenty of other people seemed to like them anyway - what do I know?
I expect if they hadn't just had to follow Kitty Hudson and TCC they would have seemed a lot better - probably lucky for the Erotics that Vamps 'N' Gypsies didn't play too. Sorry, but just 'cos a band comes from the USA or Scandinavia doesn't make them anything special in my book - we have plenty of home grown talent. There is nothing actually wrong with The Erotics and I have respect for them making the effort to come over here and that can't be easy, but I was somehow expecting something more. To be fair, I don't know any of their songs and I'm quite familiar with many of the songs the previous two bands played. Maybe I'm just becoming a typical jaded London gig-goer - I dunno... The Erotics did have a guitarist standing on one of the PA stacks though - and I love all that stuff!

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