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31/10/2007 Huckster Club @ the Water Rats

SubjectHuckster Club @ the Water Rats

It's Halloween, and somehow I find myself at the Huckster Club @ the Water Rats in Kings Cross.  I haven't heard of most the bands playing (The All New Adventures Of Us, Touriste, Mr Fogg & Lights and Sounds) but the place is really full! Marsha from Xfm is involved with the club which no doubt helps fill the place up. The bands are a bit too 'indie' for me, although as we leave the band playing (Touriste I think) have started to liven up and actually rock a bit. As I have by now been out at gigs five nights in a row, going home early would seem the sensible option. However, I don't seem to do 'sensible' when it comes to things like going home - I end up at Big Red until 12.30. I feebly justify this by saying that as it's in Holloway Road it's on the way home - which it is. The beer is to my liking and the company is good so I don't care - even if I have to be up for work around six in the morning. I resolve to stay in every night until Sunday - when I will once again be in Holloway Road...
PS: I really can't remember why I went to this gig as there weren't any bands playing that I knew or liked.

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