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17/8/2007 Part 1. Teenage Casket Company @ the Old King's Head...

SubjectTeenage Casket Company @ the Old King’s Head

There are two bands I want to see tonight - unfortunately not in the same venue. 

I've been waiting awhile to see Midland lads Teenage Casket Company again - now they are on tour with Icelandic mob Sign from - who have been creating a bit of a buzz since touring with the Wildhearts earlier this year. I was well pleased when I found out the London venue for this tour was going to be the Old King's Head - a proper ROCK pub with a good atmosphere.  The place is now much improved since a decent stage has been installed, and as it's so close to Holloway Road tube station it's really easy to get to - and cheap at only £1 on my Oyster card. The venue was close to selling out out in advance so a good crowd was assured.

Teenage Casket Company put on an excellent show as usual - never a dull moment!
The band make a good effort to provide a real stadium ROCK show - even if they are playing in a pub or club. Unlike many bands on the circuit, they manage to do this without going OTT or looking cliched.
These tireless road warriors love to tour, and always play like they mean it.
They always seem to deliver the goods and provide great value for money. To add some variety to the show, guitarist Jamie Derelict grabs a '50s rock 'n' roll style microphone and sings lead vocals for a song or two - looking like he's loving every second of it!
This is top class entertainment all the way - I feel sorry for anyone who can't allow themselves to enjoy this band's self-proclaimed 'punk rock-Bon Jovi'. There are far too many miserable looking (and sounding) bands out there - this is your antidote to 'emo'. Did I mention they have some catchy songs too?

'Don't look at me like that'

Hopefully it won't be too long before the band are out on tour again. Try and catch them if they head your way - and they probably will...

Is this what they call a 'kickass show'?

I would like to have stayed to see Sign and see what all the fuss is about, but I needed to be at the Hope & Anchor ASAP...
This nice little venue became 'The Gaff' for a couple of years and was really cool, before turning in a short-lived Costa coffee shop.

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