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16/9/2007 Fables Last Stand @ the Pleasure Unit

SubjectFables Last Stand @ the Pleasure Unit

Those hardworking roadwarriors Fables Last Stand's 16 date toilet tour grinds on, and returns to London for the second time. These boys ain't proud - they will play London's sleaziest dives in their quest to bring their 'Road Religion' to as many people as possible. Fortunately, the Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green is a slightly better venue than the Macbeth in Hoxton where they played only last week. It has to be said that it is somewhat of a dump though, and in spite of the 'club' name is really a pub venue. Usually, one good thing about pub venues is that at least you can get a decent pint at a reasonable price - instead of being ripped off for a pint of watery piss. The Pleasure Unit is the exception to the rule - there is no beer of any sort on tap!  I'm not as bothered as I might be as at least they have bottles of Newcastle Brown - however, I soon finish off their meagre stock and am reduced to drinking a can of Guinness. Not impressed. 

What does impress tonight is the band. Fables Last Stand are on good form ten dates into their tour.
It's good to see that a few more people have turned up compared to last week's London gig - the hard work is starting to pay off a bit.
The band have recently demoed more than enough new songs for a whole album - on top of the two songs on their recent single. The songs they've recorded in rough demo form are strong enough to make an album in their own right and there are far too many of them to fit into their stage set. Not content with that - they are still writing even more songs, and a couple of them find their way into tonight's set. One of them was rather a standout song too.
It's nice to see a band who are continually writing new songs and evolving their stage set - there are far too many bands out there who just play the same tired old 30-45 minute set year after year - and they wonder why they never get signed. 
This band aren't even playing the same set two nights in a row - this keeps it refreshing when you see them a few times, and with quality new tunes regularly being written the set is only going to get stronger and stronger as time goes on...

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