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31/8/2007 Zen Motel @ Bar Monsta

SubjectZen Motel @ Bar Monsta

Zen Motel were first band on the bill at Bar Monsta and had their stage time moved forward from 8.30 to 8.00 - meaning I missed the first song of their set. 
They played well as usual, but couldn't play any of their new songs as they haven't had time to rehearse them properly yet.
It didn't matter too much as they already have plenty of strong material having two albums out now. 
The band played a very strong set and deserved to be playing higher up the bill instead of going on first before many people had arrived. Lee dedicated 'Black Tail' to me - I am not worthy. 
Zen Motel had to finish early so that Men And Gods would still have time for their set - only half an hour after their stage time they still hadn't gone on as their drummer hadn't turned up.  This was annoying as Zen Motel could have played for longer. 

Men And Gods eventually took to the stage with King Lizard's drummer Sky sitting in - I have to say he did a good job. It was only the second time I've seen this band - they impressed me more on this occasion and seemed heavier than the previous time. After a couple of songs their drummer actually turned up - just in time for a Bowie cover, which turned out to be their last song. A little disappointing really as Zen Motel had to finish early for nothing and Men And Gods only played three songs in the end.  I was about to take some pictures when they finished...

Last band was King Lizard playing an 'acoustic' set. I had to leave early as I needed to be up early (and sober) the following morning to drive out into the wilds of Northhamptonshire, but as I left I noticed that there was only one acoustic instrument on stage and a Les Paul six string and Thunderbird bass were being deployed.  Does just the fact that the band are seated on stools make a show 'acoustic'?
PS: This was a really cool (if small) venue when it was Bar Monsta, but it turned into 'Camden Rock' and became a horrible place to visit.

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