Saturday, 29 March 2014

28/10/2007 - Part1. In So Far @ the Barfly

SubjectIn So Far @ the Barfly

Another gig clash this Sunday night, but the venues aren't too far apart and the band's stage times make seeing both bands viable.

First port of call is the Barfly to see In So Far. I haven't been to this venue recently - I used to be at the Barfly all the time, but it seems to book almost exclusively indie/NME type bands now so there hasn't been much reason for me to attend - a shame as it's one of Camden's better venues. In So Far are very much NOT an indie band, and in their latest incarnation they rock harder than ever.
The band are playing tighter and harder than I have ever seen them before, and in this better known venue they are really going for it.
This is a band I have seen constantly evolving over the past couple of years or so with several lineup changes, but they are now better than ever. Their new 'Medicine For The Melancholic' CD is rather good too - don't be confused by the 'emo' sounding title or the slightly 'emo' sounding singer - this band rock much harder than that and this Barfly gig is a minor triumph.

I don't have time to hang around after In So Far finish their rocking set - just time to buy their new CD and I have to hot-foot it to Holloway Road to catch another band...

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