Wednesday, 12 March 2014

18/9/2007 Fables Last Stand @ the Purple Turtle

SubjectFables Last Stand @ the Purple Turtle

What band would go on a 16 date tour of England and play three different London venues in less than two weeks?
Fables Last Stand would - they aren't afraid of hard work.
Each of the London venues is better than the previous one - the final one being Camden's Purple Turtle tonight.
I rush down from seeing Vamps 'N' Gypsies up the road earlier - it was certainly worth it to see this band on a bigger stage where they belong.
The ten minute walk from Bar Monsta would have been worth it just to get a decent pint of beer, but this bunch of Newcastle rock 'n' rollers would have made it worth a much longer trip - even without their home town's finest ale on offer. 
By this stage of the tour the band are tighter than the rusted lock on Rod Smallwood's wallet. They blast through a very convincing set of strong songs influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, and G'N'R - finishing with 'High Water' which features a terrific solo with both guitarists swapping lead lines. This is a class act.

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