Monday, 6 October 2014

7/6/2014 Earth Prayer, Healthy Junkies & Jelly @ The Unicorn

Another free Saturday night gig at the Unicorn, and the bill is particularly strong on this occasion. These monthly 'Punk Rock 'N' Roll RDV' clubs are always great value for (virtual) money.

I missed opening band Sewer Trench, but from what I'm told that wasn't such a bad thing - can't win 'em all. The next band was great though!
 This was Earth Prayer. In spite of the hippy sounding name they really rock.
The songs are all their own, but the influences are very much 1960's and 70's classic rock. The standard of musicianship is very high - these people have obviously been around and 'paid their dues' in many other bands over the years.
The Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Faces spring to mind readily, but without any of those bands being obviously ripped off.
An entertaining and lively band with plenty of stage presence who definitely command your attention - well worth seeing again.

Next is the resident Healthy Junkies - always well worth seeing.
Normally this lot are the last band on, but tonight they have decided to let their friends Jelly have that honour. It's all good as these bands (and also Earth Prayer) compliment each other very well - if you like one of them you'll probably like the other two as well.
Healthy Junkies always turn in an enjoyable set of catchy pop/punk/grunge songs and have a dedicated fanbase who contribute to the atmosphere of the show.

Like the previous two bands Jelly have served their time on the gig circuit in many other bands and really know what they are doing.
Their musical influences are mainly rooted in the 1960's and 70's, plus more modern alt-rock and some punk/New Wave mixed in too.
Jelly's performance is polished and professional, but in addition they have some memorable songs - which is more than can be said for many bands.
The music is varied and quite a bit off effort has been made polishing and honing these songs - their 'Troubadour, Wizard, The Queen and The Machine' album released last year is well worth checking out.
Frontman Stevie has obviously put some time into working out an interesting and entertaining stage act - it's quite theatrical in places.
There is always something to watch happening on stage - you can't really get bored watching a Jelly show - although the music is good enough to hold your attention on it's own.
This band seem ready to make the next step up into bigger club venues and support slots - all the ingredients seem to be there.
All in all it's been another excellent night at Camden's best kept secret venue - one where you can go without feeling you are being ripped off as drinks are at normal North London (not Camden) pub prices. Free to get in as well, so it's always worth a look on 'Punk Rock 'N' Roll RDV' nights as you've nothing much to lose even if you don't like any of the bands. Which isn't likely.

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