Friday, 2 March 2018

2/3/2018 Duncan Reid and the Big Heads @ The 100 Club

The 100 Club is pretty much the spiritual home of punk rock in London, so it seems the ideal place for Duncan Reid and the Big Heads to play....
...and so it proves - as the middle aged bloke who has had a little (maybe more than a little) too much to drink demonstrates when he leaves a little puddle of puke on the floor by the stage before having to excuse himself and lurch off to the bogs. 
He's obviously having a good night anyway. But will he remember any of it tomorrow?
Punk rock chaos takes place on stage, but this band are actually very good live performers.
The music is very tuneful pop-punk - Duncan Reid learned a thing or two about writing a catchy tune when he was in his old band The Boys - they weren't known as 'the Beatles of punk rock' for nothing.
Although this band's songs are very catchy, and dare I say it commercial - there is plenty of rock 'n' roll and punk attitude in their performance - the level of energy is very high!
Duncan's own songs are very catchy and tuneful, but as usual the band finish their set with some Boys classics like 'Brickfield Nights', 'Sick On You' (originally by the infamous Hollywood Brats) and 'First Time' - always a fantastic show closer!

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