Friday, 16 March 2018

16/3/2018 Shush @ Nambucca

Well it's been a while....
 ...since a sausage roll? No - since I either saw Shush or went to Nambucca. I haven't seen Shush simply because for various 'real life' related reasons the band just haven't been doing anything. That might be changing... As for the venue itself - it's been largely off my radar since it reopened (again) in 2014. This is probably because the venue's current batch of promoters move in different circles to me, and also they simply haven't been putting bands on that I'm interested in seeing - the place seems to have largely abandoned rock/punk/rock 'n' roll and gone back to being a mainly indie hangout. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not my scene.
The venue itself has changed beyond all recognition: The new much larger stage area now repositioned right at the back of the venue is vastly improved and now much move like a proper dcdicated music venue.. The bar has been (no doubt at great expence) moved from one side of the room to the other - this seems really stupid and pointless - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.Real ale has gone and the prices have gone up massively, so I do my drinking at the Coronet (Wetherspoons) down the road instead.
It's great to see Shush back in action again after hardly playing at all for several years, and they are as good as ever - especially as the legendary ex-AntiProduct drummer Simon 'Gonk' is back in the band. This man is a real powerhouse and drives things along greatly. The band have plenty of excellent and catchy pop/punk songs, although I am slightly disappointed that their pissed-off anthem 'Fuck You!' is missing it's usual finger gestures on this occasion!
It's good to see some familiar friendly faces from the old AntiProduct days in the crowd to support ex-AntiProduct and current Shush members Milena (vox/guitar) and Gonk (drums) , and also nice to note that people will still come out to see Shush after a long break from the scene - lets hope the band's appearances will become a more regular affair from now on....
The following band are not doing anything to excite me, and discussion with Shush guitarist Andy and some other friends reveals that I'm not the only one feeling that - so a short walk down Holloway Road to Big Red is suggested. This turns out to be an excellent idea! Not only is the beer better and cheaper, but we discover there is also a band playing. It's free to get in so what's not to like?
Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the band (may have been Stonewire), but they were excellent! Going to Big Red turns out to be a very good move, and it's also much closer to the tube station for the journey home - just like the old days. Well I say 'old days' but it was less than ten years ago that I was at Big Red and the much missed Gaff Club just up the road all the time - great days!

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